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Our story

As experienced entrepreneurs and operators, not only have we been in the trenches, we’ve built a large network of people in technology and studied hundreds of startups over the years. What we’ve determined is that the early days of a company are critical to the long-term success of the business.

This is why we created Operate, hands-on company builders who focus on growing the emerging software space by providing an early-stage investment and embedding our top-tier team of operators into the company. We are operators first, investors second.

Our model

A proven approach to company building

Expert Team

We partner with founders by deploying our studio team of experienced company builders into their startups to develop a product-market fit game plan and execute.


We provide early-stage capital ranging from $100k-$750k in check size. Most importantly, we recognize that capital is only a small part of the success equation.


We produce a custom blueprint for each startup based on their specific needs. Then we work together to tackle each step until we’ve established product-market-fit and reached certain growth metrics.


We leverage our extensive network of people in software technology to help our companies raise money for their next round, meet strategic partners, and source talent.

Why Founders Love Operate

Operate is the glue that fills in all the cracks within our organization.

Nick Bucheleresfounder of Grin Gaming

Of all the investors we have spoken to you guys have been by far the most helpful and the most interesting (and memorable!).

Tech Startup Founder

I’m so happy I met the Operate team! They intuitively understand our vision, and how we want to get there (through data) and are committed to helping us reach our goals.

Deepa KrishnanCo-Founder of Spoonful

Operate is like another cofounder.

Ken LianFounder of Cheese


Hands-On Team of Operators


Find a space that suits you and your work.

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