OC4’s Team of The Best and The Brightest Coaches in Orange County


Whether you need support with your business ideas, your go-to-market approach, or you’re simply looking to grow both personally and professionally, getting connected with experienced leaders is instrumental for growth.

We’ve curated a team of expert coaches from all different fields that can add the most value to our members. From design and growth marketing to data science and product development, we provide our members with the support they need to grow.

Meet the Coaches

David Herman

Area of Expertise: Data Science & Technology

Former director of data science at Bird, Dave has over 12 years of experience researching and managing data/algorithms in: psychometrics, human-machine interaction, psychophysics, biophysics, robotics, MRI, image processing, machine vision, time-series algorithms, matching, recommendation & reinforcement algorithms, animal-models, control systems, cost-optimization models, and iterative Bayesian methods. He has a Ph.D in Neuroscience from USC and a Master’s Degree in Behavioral Neuroscience at Baylor University.

Kelsey Galarza

Area of Expertise: B2B Growth Marketing

Kelsey has worked with more than 3 dozen startups to help them create demand generation and sales enablement programs that drive short-term results and long-term scalability. Kelsey is Co-Founder of Orange Marketing, a “get it done” marketing and sales service provider for SaaS startups.

Andrew Gauer

Area of Expertise: Creative Design & Product

Andrew is a design and product development expert that focuses on product validation, brand development and value creation through design. He has spent the last 8 years building brands and products through the strategic use of design.

Adam Cleveland

Area of Expertise: Sales Strategist

A senior marketing and sales wingman to early/late stage technology startups for the past decade, Adam plots strategies, pilots initiatives and exceeds business KPIs. His nose-to-tail experience includes global head of demand generation for a Silicon Valley company that achieved sales growth of 200%, garnered $250M in investment and increased its valuation from $100M to $1.2B.

David Hu

Area of Expertise: Growth & Lifecyle Marketing

Performance-driven growth and lifecycle marketer. Managed multi-million dollar acquisition budgets for a variety of companies (fin-tech, mobile gaming, etc). Passionate about early-stage growth and marketing analytics. OC transplant. Coffee shop enthusiast.

Shelly Cofini

Area of Expertise: Go-To-Market and Channel Development

Shelly’s background includes organizational development, business and financial strategies, technology and innovation strategies including first to market, first to innovate, ontological coaching, communication skills, and in-depth training in spiritual psychology, language and listening.

Sergey Sundukovskiy

Area of Expertise: SaaS Technology & Operations

Sergey is the Co-Founder, CTO/CPO for Certemy. Before Co-Founding Certemy, Dr. Sergey Sundukovskiy served in capacities of Chief Technology Officer, Chief Marketing Officer and Chief Product Officer. Sergey is a serial entrepreneur co-founding multiple successful Startups focused on SaaS B2B products. Last Startup co-founded by Sergey was acquired by Capital One in 2014.

Rudy Poe

Area of Expertise: Media Producer & Problem Solver

Rudy co-founded two successful companies, Just Food for Dogs and Eleventh Day Entertainment. Rudy has extensive experience and interest in entrepreneurship, media production (all forms), advertising, branding, design, storytelling, creativity, and problem-solving, learning, all things future, change, mindset, self-actualization, fun, and mischief.

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