We Believe There Is a Better Way to Build Companies

Startups need more than just capital to succeed, but what does that “more” actually entail? 

At OC4 Venture Studio we believe that the traditional way investors and founders engage is a broken model– founders need more than just advice. Founders need builders and experienced operators that work alongside them, especially at the critical early stages when a company sets its foundation. 

We have been in the trenches ourselves as both entrepreneurs and investors. We have seen the missing pieces that can be detrimental to a company, especially early on. Our Venture Studio’s mission is to provide a team of experts who will get deep in the weeds of our portfolio companies to help them scale and grow. Here’s how we accelerate a path to success:

How We Accelerate the Path to Success


Mitigate risk.

Mitigate risk: There is very little margin for error in the early stages and no room for company politics and egos. Making good decisions for the company’s future is critical for longevity. With a proven team to deploy, OC4 can look at opportunities differently than a typical venture fund. This allows us to mitigate risk, creating successful companies where other venture capitalists may pass.

Scale faster.

Founders who navigate this journey alone often have blind spots and run into failure early on due to a lack of perception. Startups need a variety of hands-on experts with different backgrounds to build a great product and create a strong business strategy- but few can find or afford such talent. Our executive team at OC4 is made up of industry and product experts with over 20 years of experience. We ask the right questions at the right time to keep our companies on track or pivot when needed.

Remove costly obstacles.

Beyond just partnering with the company founders by deploying our hands-on team of experts, we remove costly obstacles early-stage founders have to deal with like administrative work, recruiting new team members, choosing the right problem and the right metrics to focus on, etc.

Introducing the Newest Member of the OC4 Team!

In just six months after inception, we have already started executing on this methodology with our portfolio companies. We are excited to welcome Dr. Dave Herman,  our new Head of Technology and Data Science, to the OC4 Venture Studio executive team!

Former Head of Data Science at Bird, Dave has over 12 years of experience researching and managing technology and data/algorithms in psychometrics human-machine interaction, artificial intelligence, and natural language processing.

He has a Ph.D in Neuroscience from USC and a Master’s Degree in Behavioral Neuroscience at Baylor University.

We look forward to working with Dave and utilizing his skills and expertise!

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