OC4 is happy to announce that Tracy Stevens, former Head of Product and Design at GoDaddy has joined the OC4 executive team!

Tracy is passionate about identifying and validating important customer problems and generating innovative solutions to these problems that create genuine value for users. Her “superpower” is her ability to take the universe of possible actions and distill it down to the “critical few” required for business success. She consistently employs an end-to-end perspective to create alignment across functions and avoid siloed thinking and conflicting metrics.

What sold Tracy on OC4? She told us, “At OC4 I feel like I found a team that shares my same product philosophy: great products start with important customer problems. Expect to be wrong and delight in the insights and learnings along the way. State your opinions in the form of hypotheses and make a habit of systematically validating or invalidating them–starting with the riskiest ones first–in the fastest cheapest way. Iterate to a solution that not only meets the user’s needs but does so in the context of a thoughtfully designed experience. Every customer touchpoint is ‘the product’ and an opportunity to delight the user.”

 At OC4, we have made it our mission to deploy key functional talent to our portfolio companies to help them achieve product/market fit and scale–while eliminating costly mistakes and expenses along the way. You’ve heard us say it before: STARTUPS NEED MORE THAN CAPITAL TO SUCCEED. Capital may help you start your journey, but it certainly won’t be the solution to help you reach your goals.

We are thrilled to have Tracy as part of this team helping to accelerate the success of each of our OC4 portfolio companies. In addition to her hands-on involvement with our founders, Tracy will also be sharing insights with the studio members and the broader OC4 community on a variety of product and design-related topics.

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