We believe the traditional investor/founder relationship is outdated and broken. At OC4 Venture Studio we plan to change that.

Venture Capital as we know it today consists of deploying capital to a founder or founding team, coupled with advice and a network of people that a founder can reach out to for help. The founders are then expected to navigate the MANY obstacles that lay ahead of them and to do so with precision, as there is very little margin for error.

The reality is that few founders, and even fewer first-time founders, know how to do this on their own. If they take one wrong step, their company may cease to exist.

As more founders continue to receive capital early on without the guidance, the venture capital world has become more of a betting platform of “diversified” portfolios, not too different from investing in a total stock market index fund.

The most critical time for a company’s success is at the very beginning, as early as when the idea for a business is first formed.

Founders need more than just advice and capital to succeed. Given our current economic state, the problems startups face are magnified. Add uncertainty to the mix and every dollar spent has to be super targeted.

We know there’s a better way to build companies.

In order for entrepreneurship to flourish in society, founders need significant support very early on in the company building process. They need hands-on, experienced operators who aren’t afraid to get in the weeds but also know how to scale.

oc4 venture studio modelThey need company builders who know how to determine product-market fit with speed and precision while keeping politics out of it. This is why we created the OC4 Studio Team.

OC4 is a hands-on venture studio that focuses on growing the SoCal software/AI space, by not only providing an early-stage investment but also embedding its top-tier team into the company. The OC4 team is comprised of the best and brightest minds in key areas of technology, data science, product, design, marketing, and sales.
Company building is a team sport and it is HARD! With the OC4 Studio Team at their sides, our founders are not alone. Our studio team has the expertise to be able to see what works and what doesn’t quickly while spending as little capital as possible. If our experienced operators determine that the product-market fit is not there (or is not scalable), then they can help founders figure out what the right fit is and do it fast.

OC4 Venture Studio welcomes referrals to founders who might want to partner with us to build great companies.  We also welcome aligned investors who would like to learn more about opportunities to work with us. Contact us!

Are you a passionate technology founder who has a problem you've proven needs solving?