Each week we meet with passionate entrepreneurs with tons of ideas. 90% of the time, these founders think they have everything figured out and all they need is capital to get the ball rolling. We look for the few founders who have identified a key problem and are looking for a partner to help them create the best product possible to solve that problem.

OC4 Venture Studio partners with highly scalable companies that are solving big market problems. We invest in founders with product-led, data-driven, software companies that will not only transform or disrupt an industry but have the potential to fundamentally reshape the way consumers of a product interact.

Here are five key factors we consider when evaluating startups.


We build companies around these themes:

SaaS, Data-Centric, AI, Fintech, Digital Transformation, and Future of Work.

We focus solely on early-stage startups.

We work with founders at seed stage who have raised very little to no capital (typically $500k or less). Founders need builders and experienced operators embedded into their organization, especially at the critical early stages when a company sets its foundation.

We build product companies, not technology companies.

We look for founders who truly understand the discipline of product-market fit and have identified a real problem that needs to be solved. Technology is a crucial component of product, but only after validating the problem, finding the right solution, determining that customers will use or pay for it, and proving that solution can scale.

Collaboration is a requirement.

As a part of our venture studio model, not only do we provide capital, we embed experienced hands-on operators into the companies to drive performance and increase scalability and success. This is what sets us apart from the traditional venture approach. We look for founders who collaborate well with our studio team and are excited by the prospect of working together.

We want to work with strategic thinkers with a growth mindset.

As our co-founder Carey Ransom says to potential founders, “You need to look for partners who can force multiply and amplify your innovation.” We want to work with founders who challenge themselves and push their limits to explore the possibilities outside their comfort zone.
We want human connections.

Most importantly, we value human relationships and connecting with our founders on a deeper level than the average investor-founder partnership.

Specific reasons why we invested in two of our portfolio companies:


“ A combination of strong product-disciplined cofounders, with the amazing traction they have already received organically in the adoption of their product, and the market opportunity of coupling Food and Data seemed like a no brainer.” 


Shafiur is very intelligent about the space, a key member in building previous companies, easy to talk to and understands building his company is a team sport and wants hands-on help in order to not only survive but thrive. We look forward to working with Shafiur and taking this journey with him.”

Are you a passionate technology founder who has a problem you've proven needs solving?