OC4 is about to turn one and what a fascinating year it's been!

We started OC4 Venture Studio because we wanted to increase the probability of success for startup founders and we knew that capital is only a small percent of the equation. The overwhelming interest and feedback we’ve received about our model of deploying a team of operators plus capital into a startup clearly show that this is much bigger than just location.

We are a team of operators who will do anything our companies need to become successful and our approach is working. So far, we’ve partnered with several founders (a few that we have yet to announce) to build something bigger and greater than any of us expected.

Just shy of our one year anniversary, we could not be more excited to announce our new company name, Operate.


Why the change?


We are operators first, investors second.

We wanted to be clear with the market about who we are. We're not an accelerator or an incubator, we don't have a multi-week program with a specific schedule. We are a part of our founders' teams and we're in for as long as we can add value to the companies and make them wildly successful.

We're based in Orange County, but we focus on SoCal and beyond.

Fueled by the pandemic, we started connecting with amazing founders and talent beyond our home base and plan to continue building on this momentum.

Operate better describes our relationship with founders.

We adjust and pivot just like the founders we work with. Our name change is a reflection of what we’ve learned over the last year and where we've determined we add the most value. Operate is our thesis.

What's to come...

We have so much going on that we can’t wait to share with everyone. Stand by for some big announcements over the next couple of weeks.

We plan to change the world, one company at a time.

Are you a passionate technology founder who has a problem you've proven needs solving?