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Operate Podcast – Luke Cooper

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Luke Cooper

Founder & CEO of Fixt

“Your job is to get to the moon.”

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Carey’s Note:

“Luke Cooper is the founder and CEO of Fixt, an innovative mobile device support and repair business that he sold earlier this year (for 11 times revenue!).  Over the last 7 years, he’s been through a great entrepreneurial journey that we discussed on the show.  Luke is the kind of entrepreneur and leader that makes you lean forward and pay more attention – his honesty, authenticity, and clarity were inspiring.  He shared a lot of wisdom that new and current entrepreneurs can immediately use, and anyone building and leading a team should appreciate.

His personal stories that have shaped him were powerful, and once again illustrated the importance of storytelling in how we build relationships and connect with each other.

Luke also had a great background prior to Fixt – having been a lawyer at one of the largest firms in the world, in-house counsel at a large financial services firm and strategy lead for a tech startup that grew and successfully exited.  I’m super excited to now count him as a friend, and one that really knows how to operate!”

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