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Operate Podcast – Nick Bucheleres, Co-Founder & CEO/CTO of Grin Gaming

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Nick Bucheleres

Co-founder and CEO/CTO of Grin Gaming, an Operate Company

“Who’s going to win this game? What’s going to happen next?”

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Carey’s Note:

“Nick Bucheleres is the founder and CEO of Grin Gaming, a startup focused on revolutionizing the way fans interact with their favorite live video content by allowing users to compete on every play of the action.  Grin is now available for several eSports like CS Go and Dota, and traditional sports like the NFL, with others coming soon.

Nick is also the CTO, with a tremendous background as a machine-learning engineer at well-known LA companies like Sweetgreen and Flo Technologies.  He was also an engineer at Apple earlier in his career, as well as trading algorithm developer at the Chicago Board of Trade.  All of those experiences have factored into his work at Grin.

Nick is also a fellow Big 10 grad out here in So Cal, having graduated from Michigan.  I’m also super excited to call him and his team at Grin partners, as we are his first investor and are actively involved with them through Operate.  It’s been a fun journey with the Grin team so far!”

Podcast Highlights:

Patience & Empathy
The Unknown Unknowns
Technology & Growth

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