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Operate Podcast – Zach Silverman – Founder of Educated Investors

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Zack Silverman

Founder of Educated Investors

Educating & Inspiring More Startup Investors

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Carey’s Note:

Zach Silverman joined me on the podcast to discuss his background and interest in helping more people understand and be inspired to invest in private companies. He started a group, Educated Investors, during Covid, and it’s quickly grown into a vibrant online community of investors. Zach and his father invested in an emerging VC firm, RareBreed Ventures, headed by Mac Conwell, who’s been a force of nature on Twitter and in the world of emerging VC managers!

Zach and I initially connected on Twitter, one of the silver linings of the last year, and I’ve had a great time in his group so far. Zach also has a passion for diversity and inclusion in the startup and investing community, and we talked about it quite a bit in this episode.

I’m confident that Zach will inspire a whole new generation of investors to participate in the startup world and assist the many amazing founders, and innovations they’re building, to become more successful.

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