It’s officially been one year since we became Operate!

Here’s a message from our president, Carey Ransom:

One year ago we rebranded as Operate to better reflect who we were and how we aimed to be and work in the startup ecosystem. We felt like it described us perfectly – doers who showed up every day to solve problems, encourage each other and force multiply the companies we served. Operate is a team full of creativity, collaboration, leverage, and results. And it’s shown up in the companies we’ve had the great opportunity to work with here.

A few highlights of the last year:


Launched the Operate II Fund to invest in and co-build more great startups.


Made 12 new investments into amazing founders, now in the Operate family.

There are a few we still have yet to announce!

Additionally led 5 SPVs to bring additional capital to our companies.


Had our 1st Exit - Ardius became Gusto’s first acquisition.


35% of our companies are run by female founders.

And we’re striving to get to 50%.

Our initial pre seed companies are now in total already valued at over $250M.


We co-invested with many amazing funds.

Incuding Sequoia, Mucker, Hustle Fund, BAM Ventures, Precursor, iFly VC, Correlation Ventures, Next Coast Ventures, Sovereigns’s Capital, Newfund & more!

What to expect in the next year...

In addition to building with founders, in the next year, we will also be launching our own companies. We are moving toward a three-track model:

  • Build – Capital + our Operate team to build with startup founders from the early days.
  • Invest – Investing at the intersection of software and data innovation.
  • Create – Identify, build and launch our own companies where we see opportunities.

Thank you for following the early days of our journey. We’re excited about what’s ahead.