It's happening – Operate is creating its first company!

In just a few years, Operate has helped build and fund over 20 companies as the first (or very close to the first) capital invested. We’ve partnered with startups in Web3, Gaming, Fintech, Social, B2B, and more.

To date, all of our companies have fit into one of the following two tracks:

  • INVEST – Providing capital and advisory
  • BUILD – Providing capital plus a hands-on Operate team to accelerate growth and prepare the company for scaling

Today, we are introducing our newest track:

  • CREATE – Building our own companies from within the studio

We are excited to see our team grow and be the place where VERY early-stage startups come to scale and build something lasting.

Meet Our New Team Members

Jason Whitt

Head of Operations/Growth & General Partner

  • Serviz President/GM (acquired by Frontdoor – Nasdaq FTDR)
  • ReachLocal SVP and board member (IPO)
  • VantagePoint Ventures Partner ($4B+ VC fund)
  • BS & MBA @Stanford

Josh Hemlsey

Head of Product Experience/Design & General Partner

  • Head of Brand/Product Experience @Happy Money ($1.1b Valuation)
  • Head of Design @Google Nest
  • Head of Design @Paramount+

Mallory Maske

Chief People Officer & General Partner

  • Head of People @ListReports
  • People & Culture @Rubicon (now Magnite)
  • Middle School Teacher @TeachForAmerica (TFA)
  • Masters @LMU

Allie Lawn

Head of Consumer Insights & Strategy

  • 8+ years in human behavioral research in private and public sectors
  • Strategic designer for corporate ventures (Fortune 100+500) @ Pilot44
  • PhD @ UCLA
  • Ex-professor @ UCLA + CSUF. Research methods

Launching Operate Fund III

In anticipation of building our own companies internally within the studio, we will be launching Operate Fund III to support these endeavors.

Our first company is already in the works and will be announced soon when we exit stealth mode.

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