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Shafiur Rahman

About the Company

ChatterWorks is an intelligence driven recruiting platform. As a data driven SaaS startup, Chatterworks aggregates multiple data sources to help recruiters save time and allow them to focus on quality engagement instead of endless internet searches and communication dead ends.

ChatterWorks is leading the charge to apply UAI (Useful Artificial Intelligence) to solve the most important sourcing and engagement problems within recruitment.

What Chatterworks Loves About Operate:

“I’ve met with several VC’s in both Los Angeles and the Bay Area but Orange County has always been the vision – building and scaling my own OC-based startup funded by OC investors! Nothing in OC exists like Operate. The Operate team offers a unique blend of not just capital but an experienced team of execs that are engaged daily in my company to help scale much quicker than I would’ve been able to do on my own. The insight is truly priceless. The founders have built and scaled software companies before and have created a unique model to help early-stage startups avoid common pitfalls. The Operate Studio team are true partners to my startup.”


– Shafiur Rahman

About Shafiur

Shafiur Rahman is the founder and CEO of ChatterWorks. He has been the right-hand man to founders and has built out the operational infrastructure for several companies, including Airbus Aerial (new startup division of Airbus), Connectifier (a venture-backed SaaS company acquired by LinkedIn in 2016) and Airware (a venture-backed commercial drone company). He has extensive experience driving the day-to-day and long term requirements to ramp up a successful, high-growth startup.

Why Operate Accepted Chatterworks into the Studio:

Shafiur is very intelligent about the space, a key member in building previous companies, easy to talk to and understands building his company is a team sport and wants hands on  help in order to not only survive but thrive. We look forward to working with Shafiur and taking this journey with him.