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Deepa Krishnan & Sam Laber

About the Company

In the US, over 60 million people struggle with a food allergy, intolerance or sensitivity. For many, one misstep or one foul ingredient could mean hours of painful symptoms and a new wave of uncertainty the next time they sit down to eat. Spoonful believes food should be safe and enjoyable for everyone. Spoonful has created diet-specific communities for people to discover new, compliant food products.

What Spoonful Loves About Operate:

“I’m so happy I met the Operate team! They intuitively understand our vision, and how we want to get there (through data) and are committed to helping us reach our goals.”

– Deepa Krishnan

About Deepa

Deepa is a lifelong vegetarian. She never planned to restrict even more items from her diet, but in 2006, when her doctor explained that her physical symptoms were likely caused by food reactivity, she was hooked. Since then, Deepa has managed her health, including a heart condition and asthma, almost exclusively pill-free through diet and exercise. She believes food is medicine and food is joy (everything in balance!) and can often be found indulging in sweet treats around the Bay Area with her two young boys and ever-supportive husband.

About Sam

Sam began a modified diet at age 9 after he was diagnosed with a mild case of Tourette’s Syndrome. To lessen the severity of ticks, he was urged to cut out caffeine, refined sugar, and artificial dyes. But since telling a kid he can’t have sweets is one thing short of taking away video games, his mom introduced “special treat Thursday”, a once-a-week cheat day headlined by an indulgent after school snack. Through diet and exercise, Sam has been able to keep his Tourette’s in check for over 20 years (while still affording himself the occasional special treat day).

Why Operate Accepted Spoonful into the Studio:

A combination of strong product-disciplined cofounders, with the amazing traction they have already received organically in the adoption of their product, and the market opportunity of coupling Food and Data seemed like a no brainer.